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Q: What is the duration of the Bootcamp?

A: Our program is customized as per the time commitment and initial skill level of a student.

The total process can take from 2 months to 6 months. Here's how it works:

We have 3 tracks. Fullstack, Machine Learning & Algorithms. Each "Track" is broken down into multiple courses. For example, the Fullstack track is split into 3 courses - Frontend, Backend and DevOps. A typical course takes 2 months to complete.


If a student can complete the course by finishing all the homework, he/she gets an opportunity to work in our internal product development team to gain real-world software development experience. 

Once a student completes a course and gains technical experience working in live projects, we launch them into the market and provide job hunt, interviews and hiring support until they land a job. 

A student can take multiple courses or retake courses until he/she gets hired.

Q: What exactly do I get from the Bootcamp?
A: Here is a list of supports you'll get from our Bootcamp:

  1. Customized curriculum based on your skill level and time constraints

  2. 1-on-1 mentorship from tech industry veterans

  3. Live group classes instructed by experts

  4. Hands-on software development experience on active/live projects

  5. A helpful community with a shared goal

  6. Creation of your coding portfolio to boost your desirability to employers

  7. Support in job hunt & training on job search best practices

  8. 1-on-1 resume reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews and strengthening online presence

  9. Interview prep by mock sessions with experts

  10. Career and immigration consultation sessions

  11. Salary negotiation and VISA/Greencard negotiation strategies with employers

  12. Immigration and VISA support; OPT/H1B sponsorship if required

Q: How much does the Bootcamp program cost?

A: There are no up-front costs required to attend the Bootcamp program (contingent on passing the interview with us). We only get paid when you do. Once you start earning at least $50k per year as your annual pre-tax salary, you’ll pay back 15% of your monthly income until you pay us $15,000 in total. No matter how much you’re getting paid the most you could possibly pay is $15,000. 

For example, if you get a $45k per year job, you don't pay us anything.

If you get a $70k per year job, you basically make approximately $4000 per month after-tax (take-home) salary. From that amount, you'll be paying 15% or $600 (4000*.15) to GetMeHired per month.  

If you get a $120k per year job, you basically make approximately $6000 per month after-tax (take-home) salary. From that amount, you'll be paying 15% or $900 (6000*.15) to GetMeHired per month.  

And you will be paying that until you pay us back a total of $15,000. Once that is paid, the contract is complete. Throughout this entire interaction, we will support you to ensure you have a job consistently, to negotiate salary and tackle immigration/VISA related issues.

Q: Can someone take this training/Bootcamp remotely?

A: Yes, the entire program is run remotely. 

The live classes are recorded and shared online so you don't have to worry about missing part of the classes due to connectivity issues. 

Q: Once the Bootcamp is finished, will I continue to receive support regarding full-time job applications after I graduate?

A: We are taking a long-term approach for our STEM Talents. The end of Bootcamp is just one milestone on a list of milestones we help you achieve. We continue to provide you with support on job applications, job search, immigration consultation/support, coding portfolio building, interview prep, salary negotiation, career counselling etc until you are employed with a >$50K/year job.

We don't win unless YOU win. So our objectives are perfectly aligned. 

Q: What is the weekly time commitment for this program? Do you have part-time options? 

A: Weekly time commitment depends on the talent's pre-existing knowledge of programming/coding. 

However, we require a minimum of 40 hours/week time commitment for full-time talents and a minimum of 20 hours/week for part-time talents. 

Q: Do I need to have a computer science/programming background to join the program? 

A: No. You don't need to have a computer science/programming background to join the program. However, you do need to be motivated to learn to code since it will require diligent work and commitment from your end. We believe that anyone can learn to code. 

Q: Is the program/Bootcamp only for international students? 

No. Domestic candidates with green card/citizenship can also apply to the program. However, it is only open to people currently residing in the USA.  

Q: Will I face any problem with my "OPT STEM Extension" if my academic background is from a non-computer science major? 

A: Learning how to program increases your chances of getting a STEM job in ANY field as coding is one of the most sought after skills by employers. 

While it may depend on the specific major and job in question, in our experience, USCIS is very unlikely to reject programming jobs under "OPT STEM Extension" irrespective of your major. 

Q: I don't graduate until next year. Can I still join the program? 

A: Yes. You can apply to the program even if you're graduating next year. We will consider all students who are graduating within the next 12 months.  You'll have more time to sharpen your programming skills with the extra time. 

Q: Is GetMehired available for students in Australia?

A: Yes, we're available for students in Australia.

Q: Is GetMeHired available for students in Canada? 
A; Yes, we're available for students in Canada.